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I’m a cheater

By the virtue of my user-name ” Saint Luis ” , I’m sure you can deduce that I am a very religious person. In the book of Matthew in the bible, chapter 5 verse 28, Jesus states that  adultery is not just committing the act but wanting to commit adultery in your heart makes your an adulterer. So it’s the condition of your heart not the act.  Now that that little theological lesson is done, I have a confession to make; I am cheating on my PC.

Now before you get all judgmental on me, I want you to know that nothing has happened yet; at least not physical. My PC has been with me from the beginning, sure we have had our ups and downs, but it has stuck by me through the years. However, lately I find myself thinking of Macs. It’s not something I was looking for… it just kind of happened. I find myself looking at pictures of Macs on the computer. ( Not  on my PC, I’m not an animal) I catch myself researching specs and trying to budget the money to buy one. I know I’m a horrible person, but it’s not all my fault. There have been many people and situations that have led me to this place in my life. I’m just a product of my environment.

You guys don’t know what its like to have professors tell you things such as: “Macs are the industry standard.” That means that when I graduate the professional world will not even let me spend time with my PC. Another wedge that the Mac people try to put in between me and my PC is the promise of fewer viruses and crashes. Can this really be true? It sounds too good to be true. Also, Mac users have mastered a look that makes you feel as if you’re one of the lowest forms of life when you pull out a PC. I read somewhere on the web that that isn’t a learned behaviour it just comes natural once you buy a Mac.

As if the assault from professors and peers wasn’t enough, Mac sends in the professionals. I can’t make it through a TV show without being bombarded by commercials telling you how cool and exclusive Macs are, and how only dumb people have PC’s. The software engineers at Mac have also come out with their new seductive harlot ” OS X Leopard”. What the hell? Why would they do this to me? My Vista can’t do that kind of stuff or look that cool, and it’s the Ultimate edition. And now, Macs have cool little laptop cases to go in. My PC is a little older and weighs a little more and can’t fit into something that small. As if the ridicule while I’m using my PC wasn’t enough, now Mac users can judge me even before I take my PC out. It’s getting to be too much.

I’m writing this because I feel torn between what my heart wants and my loyalty. How do you tell something that has been there for so long that things just aren’t working out anymore?


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